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Stephen Harmon

Stephen P. Harmon is one of the top 47 in the world Xactimate Certified Trainers, he has performed his duties as an Independent Insurance Adjuster with the background of an Independent Business Owner with over 20 years’ experience in Construction field. Stephen has performed as a Licensed General Contractor R-08513 & due to and unfortunate training accident while serving in the US Army he was Medically Retired; he held the rank of a U.S. Army SSG Infantry Platoon Sergeant with a paratrooper certification identifier.

Stephen holds the title of an Xactimate Certified Trainers listed on Xactware’s trainers listed site. Stephen has experience working with homeowners in the wake of Katrina, Mathew, Harvey, Irma to expedite and facilitate repairs within the claims process as an Independent Insurance adjuster. Stephen held the position in Hurricane Irma as the State Team Manager over 50+ Senior Field Adjusters and 6 new adjusters begging their carrier in catastrophe insurance field adjusting. His exhaustive knowledge of construction, top notch customer service provider. Stephen demonstrated daily significant experience in project estimating, investigation, problem solving and project management.

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