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David Lockard

David Lockard is a highly respected litigation attorney with a unique and highly sought-after perspective in the insurance industry. His extensive experience working for the largest Insurance Defense firm in the State of Florida is the most significant aspect of his background. There, he learned how claims files are adjusted and processed; the differences between coverage decisions and business decisions; and about the roles and responsibilities of third-party claims handling. He also gained invaluable insight into the various levels of authority required for claim settlement, and how the reinsurance companies play a part in claims settlement. Additionally, he learned the tips, tricks, and tactics that defense attorneys use to derail or stop claims in their tracks.

David’s insurance experience is backed by three decades in the Construction & Manufacturing, Executive Management, and Insurance & Financial Services sectors. He learned from top-tier craftsmen in the building trades, and leaders in the industrial manufacturing trades. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he worked for a national Management Consulting company, teaching process improvement and executive leadership to leaders within a wide range of global companies, including the United States Navy. He then transitioned into the Financial Services sector, where he became a successful Stock Trader and Risk Management Consultant in the Mergers & Acquisitions sector. With his knowledge from the inside of the Insurance industry, David became a licensed independent Insurance Adjustor and then received his Juris Doctor degree from Ave Maria School of Law. He worked for prestigious first-party firms as a plaintiff’s attorney before joining the insurance defense firm.

David’s professionalism, integrity, and dedication to his clients are well-known in the legal community in Florida. He is an accomplished writer and dynamic speaker, mesmerizing audiences for more than three decades. Together with Paul Udouj, he formed Champion Legal Group, a law firm that provides a new generation of legal services. David Lockard’s valuable knowledge and experience make him an asset to his clients, and a feared opponent of the carriers.

Now, Dave Lockard brings his unique perspective as an insider, directly to you, detailing the specific elements that makes up the full picture of when, how and why claims get denied, delayed, paid, or taken to trial.

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